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Tag: ZooPoo

Ana Feeds Our World, Part 19

ZooPoo will benefit zoo visitors of every age. The learning facility will serve as a gathering point for environmental and socially conscious networks. ZooPoo provides engaging learning opportunities for people interested in carbon neutral production of food and energy, ecologically sensitive lifestyles as well…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 18

ZooPoo includes the liquid and solid the wastes from animals, plants and zoo trash. The exhibits will use about 60% virtual – videos, and 40% interactive. Waste-to-energy videos will provide guests with sights of amazing processes using big screens that avoid the required footprint, odors and the noise…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 17

Many animals, plants and entire ecosystems are threatened with extinction due to global climate change, food costs, freshwater scarcity and the availability of fossil fuels and fossil nutrients (i.e. fertilizers). ZooPoo addresses each of these challenges and shows visitors how to change their own behaviors…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 16

Nature has used biological regeneration sustainably for eons because nature recycles and reuses nutrients over and over again. Bioremediation paired with bioregeneration operates on nature’s basic principle that there is no such thing as waste. “Your waste is my food.” Waste carbon and nutrients become the food…

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Algae 101: Part 10

The 2009 ABO Algal Industry Survey provided valuable insight about our emerging algal industry. The 222 respondents, about half of whom were scientists, were positive about the industry’s future and optimistic…

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