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Tag: Nutrient Cycling

Ana Feeds Our World, Part 13

Bioremediation, nutrient recovery, serves as the critical first step in nutrient cycling. Most bioremediation research focuses on the capture of nutrients harmful to the environment, animals or people such as excess CO2, nitric oxides (NOx), polluted wastewater or toxic heavy metals…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 12

Nutrient cycling provides the foundation for Ana’s quest to supply good food for hungry people. Nature wastes nothing by maintaining a closed nutrient loop. Each plant lives with nutrients passed down from organisms that lived earlier. When the plant or animal dies, it’s nutrients cycle…

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Ana Feeds Our World — Introduction

Ana Feeds our World describes the adoption and diffusion of sustainable, healthy and affordable algae-based food for plants, animals and people. Ana identifies and celebrates the many miracles algae has contributed to our planet and our society. Does Ana suggest that algae alone will feed…

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