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Tag: Modern Industrial Agriculture

Ana Feeds Our World, Part 20

Leonardo was right. Our modern society spends 100 times more on space. NASA has a $18.3 billion budget, but the USDA invests practically nothing on soil research. Ancient, as well as current indigenous civilizations worshipped the soil as the foundry of life. Proof of soil veneration comes from the Latin…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 11

The most critical contribution algae can make to MIA is to transform fossil agriculture, based on extracted resources, to abundant agriculture, based on biocycled resources. Fossil agriculture is not sustainable, because fossil resources are limited and becoming increasingly scarce…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 9

Farmers have to make a full investment in their crop and pray that severe weather events, drought or pest invasions do not destroy it. A single storm, such as hurricane Harvey or Irma, a temperature spike or pest invasion can devastate crops. Modern Industrial Agriculture (MIA) ignores…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 8

No, Ana cannot save modern industrial agriculture (MIA), from itself. MIA consumes far too many nonrenewable resources, uses them very inefficiently, and only once. The residuals leak to create massive waste streams that erode, degrade and pollute not only its own ecosystems…

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