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Tag: Lead Poisoning

Algae and Sex Part 6

An Algae Secrets series last year addressed the challenge of solving the problem of lead poisoning inflicted on children and adults in Flint Michigan. Flint Michigan regained new attention in September 2017 with a report by David Slusky and Daniel Grossman that fetal death rates rose by a horrifying 58% while the fertility…

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An algae solution for Flint, Michigan’s Lead Poisoning?

The best way to lower an elevated blood lead level is to prevent continued exposure to lead. Flint children are now receiving bottled and other sources of clean water, which stops the bioaccumulation of lead in their bodies. However, many children are left with dangerously high levels of lead in the brains…

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An algae solution for Flint, Michigan’s lead poisoning?

Flint Michigan’s water supply was switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River in 2014. The Flint is so notoriously dirty that some locals call it the Filth River. The change was made during a financial state of emergency for the struggling industrial town. The shift was supposed to be temporary until a new state-run supply line…

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