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Tag: Autism

Algae Solutions for pesticide exposure and Autism

The last post positioned algae solutions for bioremediation of poisoned water and soil that can reduce the risk of arsenic exposure and the onset of autism spectrum disorder, (ASD). This essay explores how algae bioproducts can serve directly as medicines to reduce the symptoms and severity of ASD…

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Algae 101: Part 60

The EPA has released the Annual Use of Pesticides in the U.S. Report. We now know that American farmers apply roughly a billion pounds of toxic chemicals intentionally introduced into the environment and our food supply each year. Farmers apply over…

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Algae 101: Part 59

Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. and Autism prevalence figures are growing. The CDC estimates that one out of every 68 children has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, (ASD). Autism costs…

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