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Tag: algae

Algae 101: Part 62

The recent Algae101 posts established how algae solutions can provide means for reducing pesticide exposure through application on field crops and for therapeutics that moderate and, in some cases, treat symptomology for autism spectrum disorder and other pesticide induced diseases. The only way to save the most vulnerable, our children…

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Algae 101: Part 61

Previous Algae 101 posts proposed algae solutions to pesticide exposure to reverse the terrible expanding autism epidemic among our children. Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S. Autism currently…

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Algae 101: Part 49

Modern societies are built around cheap energy that has been extracted for about 150 years. Our food, shelter, transportation and lifestyles consume massive amounts of fossil fuels. Globally, peak oil occurred in 2008 even…

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Algae 101: Part 48

New medical research shows significant positive effect for omega-3 fatty acids ingested with several servings of fish per week or with daily omega-3 supplements. Studies report that children with a broad array of cognitive…

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Algae 101: Part 24

Our society needs a free new, supplementary method for food production built on a sustainable foundation that frees growers from the risk of crop failure and…

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Algae 101: Part 6

Algae are living plants that break the rules for plant classification because they evolved in many different forms—cells, multicellular plants, bacteria and in nearly infinite combinations. While the various species…

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Algae 101: Part 5

Algae remain the most undiscovered and underdeveloped organism on Earth. A common algae question is: If algae have so much potential, why has less than 1% of its potential been realized?

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