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Tag: algae microfarms

Ana Feeds Our World, Part 1

By 2040, Ana’s world will have over 9 billion hungry people competing for nourishment on our increasingly hot, dry and crowded planet. What will Ana’s children do for food? To provide abundant affordable and sustainable food for everyone, we need a plant that works miracles…

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The Green Friendship Bridge Part 8

If we built a Green Friendship Bridge composed of 8,600 algae microfarms given to Mexican and Central American farmers in lieu of 1%, (13 miles) of additional border wall, what environmental benefits would accrue? NAFTA and U.S. farm subsidies artificially reduced crop prices lower than Mexican farmers could produce…

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The Green Friendship Bridge Series Part 5

The Green Friendship Bridge project proposes building algae microfarms that will be sprinkled across Mexico and Central America. The microfarms will enable farmers and families to grow algae-based food, feed, biofertilizers and healthy nutritional products locally on tiny land footprints so they can stay in their homes and…

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What foods can algae microfarms grow? Part 4

The Green Friendship Bridge project focuses on enabling microfarmers throughout Mexico and Central America to grow food locally so they do not have to migrate north. The initial training will use spirulina because it is easy to grow, harvest, and make into a wide variety of foods. The next question is: “What is the range…

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Algae 101: Part 54

Once in a blue moon, a book appears that has the potential to transform an industry. Algae Microfarms for Home, School, Community and Urban Gardens by Robert Henrikson may be just such a transformative book. Imagine you would…

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