by Mark Edwards

Editor’s Note: Our popular science blogger, Mark Edwards, has created a novel theory based on new research, called Sex Self-Destruction. Sex self-destruction threatens to degrade or destroy sex for our children and their children, unless we find a solution — quickly. This “Algae and Sex” series lays out the evidence for sex self-destruction, its grim implications, and offers novel yet practical, algae-based solutions.

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Sex self-destruction represents a fascinating new scientific mystery that includes climate chaos, ghost forests, temperature spikes, fierce storms, colossal nutrient collapse in field crops, prized stallions, knockout mice, virile mink and an end to sex as we know it. This avoidable self-destruction threatens humanity pain and losses more severe than those currently associated with climate change.

Some people deny human-caused climate change today, in spite of a 98% consensus among scientists. One of the main reasons non-scientists maintain this false belief is that they seemingly do not care about the environment. They may think environmental losses will only impact others. Knowledge of sex self-destruction will transform many climate deniers into climate evangelists.

The mystery, theory, lines of evidence and potential solutions are presented as a series of Algae Secrets posts in Algae Industry Magazine. The first three posts lay out the challenges, while the second three propose algae-based solutions.

  1. Sex Self-Destruction: Will Rising levels of Human-caused CO2 ruin Sex?
  2. The Colossal Nutrient Collapse and Its Potential to Destroy Successful Sex
  3. Pesticide Pollution and Residuals Devastate Sex as We Know It
  4. Can Algae Save Sex and Restore Human Life?
  5. Can Algae Restore Nutrient Loss in Field Crops?
  6. Can Algae Remove Pesticide Poisons in Children’s Brains?

A solution to save successful sex and restore human life must find solutions for those factors that cause a drop in male sperm count and successful sex, including:

  • Restore male fertility by increasing sperm quantity and health.
  • Moderate the rise in atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that cause nutrient loss in food crops, which diminishes male sperm count.
  • End nutrient loss in food crops from higher atmospheric CO2 levels and heat.
  • End nutrient loss in food crops from systemic micronutrient extraction.
  • End overuse of modern pesticides, especially endocrine disrupting chemicals that cause male and female fertility problems, miscarriages, birth defects and severe brain disorders.
  • Remove pesticides and heavy metals from children’s brains and bodies to avoid developmental disorders.

Part 1: Sex Self-Destruction:

Will rising levels of human-caused CO2 ruin sex?

I have met the enemy and he is us! — Pogo

Will continuing human actions that raise levels of atmospheric CO2 diminish or destroy sex? This theory, “sex self-destruction,” has not been proposed before in the scientific literature. Certainly, more research will be required to prove whether we could be so irresponsible to allow business as usual, ignore climate change, and destroy sex.

The sex self-destruction theory: The collapse of vital dietary nutrients in food crops due to global warming contributes significantly to the catastrophic collapse in male sperm counts, which threatens to destroy successful sex for our next generation.


Rising levels of anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 are causing significant loss in vital dietary nutrients in food crops, especially protein, zinc and iron. Deficiencies of protein, zinc and iron impose many adverse health impacts, including lower sperm counts and lower sperm motility.

A July 2017 international study indicates that human that sperm counts for men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have declined 59% over the last 40 years. Lower sperm counts degrade or destroy the purposes of sex for many couples. Is our chutzpah about CO2 pollution so incredibly stupid that we are self-destructing sex and the future for our children?

Considerable research shows that reports about climate chaos that impact human health and happiness create a significantly stronger response in people than environmental destruction. Climate deniers may dismiss environmental losses thinking they will only impact others. Among human life desires, positive sex ranks near the top. Successful sex and procreation are vital to human health and the important feeling of fulfillment. The sex self-destruction theory may add another label to climate deniers – sex destroyers.

Sex serves several of life’s core purposes, including pleasure, stress reduction, identity formation, intimate connection and procreation. The evidence in this scientific mystery offers fascinating leads and indicators. The implications are catastrophic, and even potentially more severe than climate change. Knowledge of sex self-destruction may transform many climate deniers into climate evangelists.

Global climate chaos

Humanity is conducting a global experiment that rapidly alters the environmental conditions on the only habitable planet we know. Human actions are causing the accelerating rise of CO2, which causes global warming and climate change, according to the EPA, NOAA, NASA and 97% of global scientists.

Five of the Solomon Islands have completely vanished because of rising sea levels.

Elevated levels of CO2 cause global atmospheric and ocean warming, melting glaciers and polar ice caps, rising ocean levels, increasingly frequent severe storms, higher ocean acidity, crop damage and loss, global water shortages, and human disease and death from severe droughts and heat waves.

A United Nations Development Program report estimates that failure to address climate change by limiting global warming from CO2 and other GHG pollution would cause the world’s gross domestic product to fall $33 trillion. The report says that addressing global warming will save $12 trillion (about £9.6 trillion), which represents about 10% of global GDP.

Is mankind stupid?

Pope Francis said that political leaders and others who denied climate change reminded him of a passage from the psalms about man’s stubbornness. Pope Francis was flying over the Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma when he said to journalists: “Man is stupid, the Bible said. It’s like that, when you don’t want to see, you don’t see.”

Pope Francis urged those who denied climate change, such as United States President Donald Trump, to consult scientists who had clearly determined anthropogenic climate change was real. Pope Francis warned that humanity would “go down,” if global warming was not recognized and addressed. The Pope said about President Trump: “Decide and history will judge your decision.”

During Mr. Trump’s May 2017 visit to the Vatican, the pope gave the President a copy of his 2015 encyclical letter, “Laudato Si,” which called for a human response to global warming, and top Vatican officials appealed to the president not to withdraw from the landmark Paris climate accord.

Devastation from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Incredibly, the severe hurricanes of 2017 did not motivate the President or Congress to address anthropogenic climate change.

Nearly 70% of registered voters believe the U.S. should participate in the Paris Climate Agreement. Despite overwhelming support from citizens, Mr. Trump ignored his daughter, his National Security Advisor and many of his other advisors and pulled the U.S. out of the Paris agreement in May 2017.

Source: Yale University

By more than 5 to 1, voters say the U.S. should participate in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Since most Americans believe climate change should be addressed, sex self-destruction should not be blamed on citizens. American’s leadership that decided to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord based on no scientific evidence, deserves the blame for destroying sex.

A recent Harvard School of Public Health study adds to the already substantial list of climate chaos impacts: Colossal Nutrient Collapse in food crops. The next post will examine the evidence supporting systemic nutrient collapse from rising atmospheric CO2 and the threat to successful sex for billions of global citizens.

Next installment: The Colossal Nutrient Collapse and Its Potential to Destroy Successful Sex

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